Timing Your Sports Jersey Purchase to Save Money


A lot of people make huge mistakes when getting their jersey, and in most cases, it costs them money. To avoid this situation, you need to buy bright , and you can begin just by knowing when to go shopping.

Yes, when it comes to sports apparel, timing matters if you want to save a good amount of cash, and below are the four key times you can benefit from the most savings:

Post Season

You’ll find some hot deals on jerseys after the season ends, but just before the hype for the coming season starts. These are the best times to search for deals on jerseys for various sports:

Football: The best time to get an NFL football jersey is late March, around halfway between the Super Bowl and the draft. To learn more about sports apparel, visit http://www.ehow.com/how_8051346_create-own-athletic-wear.html.

Hockey: NHL jerseys are less expensive towards the end of July and the early part of August, about halfway between the draft and the start of the upcoming season. Basketball: NBA jerseys are usually cheaper in August, around halfway between the draft and the beginning of the season.

Baseball: February is the best time to buy your MLB jersey, after the World Series but well before the draft.

Soccer: January to February is the best time to purchase your MLS jersey, particularly halfway between a season’s end and the next one’s beginning – again, prices are pulled down because of the football hype.

Player Exit

This one might be a no-no for lots of people, but if you’re okay having the jersey of a player who’s out of the team, you can buy the blank baseball jerseys of a player who has exited from the team, had a critical injury or was traded. Common sense would tell you not to wear the jerseys of disgraced players such as OJ Simpson and Aaron Hernandez, unless you have no issues with that. In that case, you’ll have to wear at your own risk.

Sponsor Change

This is the complete best time for anyone to buy wholesale football jerseys or fan gear. It’s like a league-wide fire sale. As sponsors change, it’s not only one player or team’s jerseys that will be cheaper since all the players’ gear and the replica gear will be produced and/or sponsored by a new company.

After a Big Loss

There is no bittersweet way to grab a steal deal on fan gear than this one. Everybody hates losing, particularly the important games, but the losing team’s jerseys and other gear will usually cost lower following a huge loss. If your favorite team has just lost the Super Bowl, you can enjoy a nice discount when you buy a jersey. While it’s not the best trade-off, it’s certainly something.


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